Friday, December 3, 2010

Grow and Thrive

As I look back on this past year I know I have grown... and not in the uncomfortable... damn why don't these pants fit like they use to kind of way.  Well, mostly not in that kind of way.

I just had my one year anniversary of moving to Colorado.  My reasons for leaving Kentucky, while quite unpleasant, were exactly the motivation I needed to make a change.

This year I've been more homesick than I ever thought possible, more heart broken than anyone ever should be and more desperate than I ever want to be again.  I've also been higher than ever with my feet firmly planted on the ground... on a mountain, I've pushed myself harder than ever, been more inspired than ever and rode my bike further than ever before.  With so many recorded than-evers this year, I'm happy to be alive and sane.  My muscles have really gotten a workout, brain and heart included.

I know I've grown.  I'm stronger, more nimble and despite all the turmoil, happier than ever.

This year I've grown to be much more like the person I want to be than the person I wish I wasn't.  And if this is anything like training for a bike race its time a for a little plateau.  Its time to use my new muscles to live and breath and create.  Its time to thrive.


  1. Congrats! Many milestones were achieved this year including helping me through my rough times. So happy to have you as a friend. I too believe it is time to thrive.
    Love you lots!


  2. Super stoked you are here being a maverick:)! Colorado is lucky the Rockies lured you. Nothing like a bit of altitude to refresh your attitude.