Sunday, January 10, 2010

Run Beering

A beer run is normally defined as the activity required to obtain beer. In this instance however beer came before the run. From here on out this activity should perhaps be referred to as run beering just to avoid any confusion.

So, now that we have that cleared up... today I went for a run beer, a run after beer. It has been a long time since I enjoyed a beer in the middle of the day, (what's with that? I know, right!) And since I've committed to this "racing thing" (bike racing that is) I felt it necessary to get some sort of miles in.

I remembered a time back in my early 20's (eons ago) when I would hit happy hour with friends, drink a couple of beers and head out for a run. So, why not, right? I had to find some way to escape the end of a week long visit from my father. Who would never, I'll have you know, run beer. Beer run, yes, but NEVER run beer. That was of course all the more reason to go. After all the greatest thing I learned this week is what I do NOT want to be when I grow up. I mean this is the man who taught me to enjoy the outdoors, to push the limits and try new things... the very reason I moved to beautiful Colorado.  But now he is content to take pictures of the beautiful Rocky Mountains from the comfort of a car seat.  When did he stop living?  Ahh, shake it off, he leaves tomorrow. 

What I failed to remember about my youthful run beering was that in those days I was drinking beer water aka Mic Light, blech! I mean if it's under 6% why bother? 

So, two Gordons and a half a Velvet Elvis and I was... should I say... having trouble tying my shoes? Hummm, yeah, perfect time to hit the icy trails!

And, in the end, it was... I ran fast, I ran hard, I launched over puddles and kept my footing on the ice. I didn't think about where I was going or how long I had been gone, if I was keeping a good pace or if my heartrate was on target. My only goal was to stay out of the creek.  I just plugged into the The Budos Band and ran... and had a damn good time doing it.  And that my friends is run beering.

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